Top 5 Myrtle Beach-Related New Year’s Resolutions

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Why do New Year's resolutions have to be so negative? Stop doing this and stop doing that. Is that any kind of way to start out the new year, vowing to do less in 2015?

No matter how healthy and well-intentioned those resolutions may be, why not take a few affirmative vows too? Do something good for yourself that takes you to that happy place, whether that be inside your mind or on the sunny, sandy shores of Myrtle Beach.

So if you're ready to treat yourself and pursue happiness in 2015, take one of these Myrtle Beach-related New Year's resolutions. You will thank us next year:

* One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to save money, but don't let that well-intentioned pledge keep you from treating yourself to a vacation. Studies show that workers are more productive overall when they take regular breaks, and nothing can be more relaxing than a week at the beach. In fact, you can keep your resolution by booking your room at Bay View Resort early and shopping for specials. With savings of up to 30 percent, you can kill two resolutions with one sand stone.

* Perhaps the most popular New Year's resolution, and the most commonly broken, is to lose weight. That's tough to do after you've packed on a few holiday pounds and it's too cold to go outside and get some exercise. Next thing you know it's time to go to the beach and you're still toting around some excess baggage. This year, try a little extra Myrtle Beach vacation motivation by shopping for your summer swimsuit early, and vow to try it on once a month as your beach-going weight-loss goal.

* Located on the south end of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Bay View guests can literally stroll from the resort property to the northernmost point of the 1.2-mile oceanfront walkway. It makes for convenient access to the popular path, perhaps too convenient. With so many attractions, restaurants and shops along the way, it's hard to make it all the way to the northernmost end with finding something fun to do. That's fine, but this year pledge to walk the length of the Boardwalk from Second Avenue Pier to Bandito’s, and reward yourself with a nice frozen drink before turning back. It's a beautiful walk that ends up in your backyard.

* If you're a regular visitor to Myrtle Beach, you've probably seen a lot of the downtown attractions during the summertime. Surrounded by neon lights and big crowds, they are kind of hard to miss. But harder to find and farther off the beaten path is the natural beauty of the Grand Strand. From the Lowcountry swamps and tidal creeks of Pawleys Island on the South Strand to the dark waters of the Waccamaw River and Intracoastal Waterway on the North Strand, vow to take a day to enjoy all the beauty the Myrtle Beach area has to offer. Better yet, sail east aboard a deep-sea fishing boat or a dolphin-watching tour for a refreshing taste of nature on the Carolina coast.

* Last but actually first chronologically-speaking, ring in the New Year in Myrtle Beach. Who cares if it’s too cold for the beach, there’s always plenty to do in Myrtle Beach. From the attractions, shopping, dining, golf and nightlife, the Grand Strand offers year-round entertainment and discounted hotel rates for the offseason. Pop the cork on a new year and a great vacation getaway to Myrtle Beach. Can you think of any better way to kick off a brand new year?

(Posted: 11/24/14)