Top 5 Places to see Holiday Movies in Myrtle Beach

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Christmas memories are often made up of the movies that commemorate the holidays. Whether it's children's favorites like “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and “Home Alone,” adult comedies like “Bad Santa” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” or inspirational classics such as “It's a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street,” they serve as bookmarks from our Christmas past … and our Christmas future.

Families continue the tradition of watching movies together over the holidays, sometimes the same one year after year and reciting the lines along with the actors on the screen and singing along to the holiday songs. Whether you go out to the movies for the big-screen experience or you prefer the convenience of watching them from the comfort of a couch and a blanket, here are five places to get in the holiday movie mood in Myrtle Beach:

  • Paradise: The best place to watch holiday movies in Myrtle Beach is right under your feet. Guests of the Paradise Resort don’t need to brave the crowds or pay the high ticket prices when they can take advantage of free DVD rentals in the lobby and a DVD player in each room. Use your free DVD rental card, which is given to you upon check-in, and select from a wide range of movies, including various holiday classics. Curl up with some popcorn and drinks, hit pause when you want to go to the bathroom and don’t worry about sitting behind some tall person with a big hat.
  • Broadway at the Beach: This Carmike Cinema chain features 16 state-of-the-art movie theaters, 17 if you count the incredible IMAX venue next door. All the major first-run movies and Christmas blasts from the past are among the offerings during the holiday season. The theaters feature the latest in video and audio technology and comfortable reclining seats with cupholders. This is the perfect place for the non-shoppers in your group to kill a few hours while the rest of the party hits the stores.
  • Frank Theatres: Enjoy a movie experience like nowhere else on the Grand Strand at Frank’s in Murrells Inlet. Located at the Inlet Square Mall site, Frank’s offers first-run features in a unique restaurant setting, allowing guests to enjoy a meal and drinks while taking in the flick. Groups can also rent private rooms for viewing parties, and there’s a bowling alley and an arcade on the premises for those looking to take a break before or after the movie.
  • IPad: Now here’s a way to watch the movie of your choice while lying on the beach or sitting on your balcony at the Paradise. Forget the long lines to sit in a dark room for two hours when you can watch a movie on the go or anywhere you can get Wi-Fi. Hit pause when a call comes in and catch the rest later. Rewind when you miss a few lines or get lost in the story, fast-forward through the parts you don’t want to see and set your own starting and finishing times. It’s like having your own mobile movie theater.
  • Market Common: The Grand Cinema 14 is the ultimate movie theater on the Grand Strand from a sheer comfort and amenities standpoint. Big leather seats with lots of arm room and drink holders line the clean, modern theaters and the concession stands feature a wide selection of both traditional and non-traditional theater foods. The venue sits amid the scenic store fronts along the Market Common shopping district, so it’s a great place to go window shopping as much as movie watching.


(Posted: 12/29/14)