Top 5 Spring Beach Activities

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The beach never closes, but it sure seems that way in the winter months when the seagulls and hermit crabs pretty much have Myrtle Beach's sandy shores to themselves. But that changes when spring rolls around and the two-legged visitors start to arrive.

The warmer temperatures and sunnier skies attract people to the beach for a number of activities that serve as spring rituals in Myrtle Beach. If simply soaking up some sun isn't enough to keep you entertained, here are the top five spring beach activities:

* Beachcombing: Finding seashells and sharks' teeth on the beach is all about timing and location. The fewer fellow shell-hunters there are to compete, the better your odds of picking up some keepers. Walk away from the larger clusters of hotels (in the case of Bay View guests, head north toward the Golden Mile stretch of beach) and shoot for early morning hours or during a falling tide. That's when the ocean pulls away from the coast and reveals hidden treasures in the wet sand. Also, the day after a storm, even one that stayed out at sea, can stir up some hard-to-find shells. Keep your head down and happy hunting.

* Boardwalk: The center of activity in Myrtle Beach is the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, which begins its southern trek downtown right off the Bay View's back yard. Take the easy path down the Boardwalk to a hot spot for hanging out on the beach and walking up to the adjoining shops and cafes so you can enjoy the best of both worlds in just a short stroll. Grab a hot dog from Peaches Corner, pick up beach supplies at the Gay Dolphin or take a spin on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel for a refreshing beach break.

* Fishing: People aren't the only ones who get active in the spring. So do the fish, and they tend to head towards the coast too as they hunt for smaller fish to feed on. That puts anglers in the right spot at the right time to reel in some whopper from the shore or from a local fishing pier. The piers' tackle shops can provide you with everything you need, from information you need about what fish are running, which bait to use and the best time to hook a big one. You can also rent poles and equipment and, if things don't go well on the water, you can pick up a snack and beverage.

* Games: There's something about the beach and a ball, a Frisbee, or just about anything you can throw, catch and count seems to bring out people's competitive sides. Whether it's drawing tic-tac-toe in the sand or playing two-hand-touch football in the surf, the beach and games just go together. Some of the more popular beach games include bocce, corn hole, ladder ball and the Grand Strand's own creation, Myrtle Ball. Created by a local and available at area beachwear stores, Myrtle Ball involves burying a pair of buckets in the sand at ground level and rolling a ball into them, sort of like a hybrid of golf and bocce. There are a few volleyball courts on the beaches for pick-up games.

* Walking/Running: If you don't want to let your exercise routine slip during your vacation, you can use the Bay View's on-site fitness center. But how often do you get the chance to take your workout to the beach? A jog or stroll down the coast is good for the body and mind as the crashing waves provide the perfect backdrop. The sand can be tricky, so it's best to time your run for low tide when the sand nearest the water is more compact. Just don't let your mind wander too far or your body will follow and you could end up farther than you originally intended. Be sure to turn around at the midpoint of your intended workout time. For a more casual hike, the night time is the right time for a romantic walk down the beach.


(Posted: 3/20/15)