Top 5 Things to Pack for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation in the Fall and Winter

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Everyone knows what to pack for a summer vacation in Myrtle Beach. Throw in a couple of swimsuits, kick on some flip-flops, grab a toothbrush and you’re pretty much done. With warm temperatures and virtually no dress codes, you could fit all the things you need in a grocery and and still feel overdressed.

Not so in the fall and winter months, when the Sun Fun Capital gets a bit more brisk as the clouds thicken and the crowds thin. Although the Grand Strand continues to get warm, sunny days well into December, the chillier nights and cool ocean breeze call for a totally different wardrobe in the offseason.

The change in seasons also opens some new opportunities not available in the summer. Smaller beach crowds and more relaxed beach rules and regulations may allow you to bring along some items you wouldn’t dream of packing during the summer time. Here’s a list of things you might want to pack for your fall and winter getaway to the Myrtle Beach area:

Accessories: It’s only common sense that you want to wear warmer clothes in the fall and winter, but there are certain accessories that come in particularly handy at the beach. Because of the drop in the ocean water temperature and a prevailing onshore breeze, the winds can make it 10 to 15 degrees cooler on the immediate coast compared to just a few hundred feet inland. That makes items like a windbreaker jacket, stocking cap with ear covers and a scarf can go a long way towards making your morning and evening retreat to your private balcony a bit more comfortable. Bring a blanket to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee on cooler than average days.

Clothing: Shorts and T-shirts are still acceptable in the autumn months, both socially and climate-wise, as temperatures still regularly reach the 70s.  But the deeper we get into the winter calendar, the more you’re going to need the full coverage of jeans, slacks, long-sleeve shirts and sweaters. Footwear may be the biggest difference, as flip-flops and open-toed shoes won’t keep your feet warm and dry. If you plan to go for walks on the beach, bring some sweat pants you can roll up to avoid getting that wet icky feeling clinging to your shins.

Beach gear: A new law that bans beach tents on along the Myrtle Beach oceanfront does not apply during the fall and winter months. The larger tents come in handy during the offseason, not only blocking the sun when needed but also stopping the cooler winds coming off the ocean. It’s also a good idea to bring your own beach chairs and umbrellas since the lifeguard/rental services shut down in the offseason.  For the more active beachgoers, the emptier beaches make it easier to get up a pick-up game of football, soccer or other activities that require more space. Throw the Frisbee, play some corn hole or roll out the bocce balls; there’s plenty of room to play without disturbing others. On chillier days, a deck of cards and board games might be useful.


(Posted: 10/20/14)