Top 5 Watersports in Myrtle Beach

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Some of the most fun you can have in Myrtle Beach isn’t on dry land. From the open ocean just offshore to the backwaters of the Intracoastal Waterway, watersports provide guests at The Strand the ultimate opportunity for a splashing good time and a vacation memory that will last a lifetime. Here are the top five watersports activities on the Grand Strand.

Banana Boats: Don't let the silly sounding name fool you. They might be yellow and elongated like a banana, but these dual-pontoon watercraft offer extreme fun on open waters. Large enough to accommodate up to eight passengers, the Banana Boat acts like a jumbo-sized jet ski that allows riders to experience the thrill as a group. Bounce over the swells on the high seas or perform some daring maneuvers in a backwater cove while clinging to one another and screaming in unison with every splash-inducing move.

Dolphin-Watching Tours: For those whose idea of watersports is simply getting on a boat, and for those who have an appreciation for our underwater relatives of the sea, these trips have gained in popularity with the growth of eco-tourism. This nature-friendly way to experience the ocean and its creatures offers a nice alternative to deep-sea fishing for folks who prefer to observe the wildlife rather than catch it. Outfitters have proven track records for finding and interacting with pods of dolphins not far off the Carolina coast. Passengers can snap pictures of the playful creatures surfacing around the boat.

Jet Boats/Skis: For the uninitiated, think of a jet ski as a powerful motorcycle without wheels that burns up the water instead of the road. The jet-propelled personal watercraft can take you for a thrilling ride through the ocean waves or in calmer inland waters. For those who have experienced the wet and wild fun of riding a jet ski, imagine taking one for a spin in the diverse aquatic environments of the Grand Strand. Ride on the open ocean or cruise into the backwaters off the Intracoastal Waterway for a truly unique way to spend a day. Larger parties should check out the latest line of jet boats, which accommodate more people and pack even more power than the traditional.

Parasailing: Brace yourself for one of the most thrilling experiences on water or dry land. The popular watersport of parasailing gives those brave enough to try it a memory of a lifetime. Patrons take a short ride out to the launch boat via jet ski and are strapped into a safety harness that attaches to a parachute. Simply stand on the launching platform as the boat reaches lift-off speed and suddenly you are taking off into the sky high above the ocean. Enjoy a bird's eye view of the coastline and feel the sea breeze that is helping to power your flight. Tandem trips allow passengers to parasail together in parties of two and even three so the scared can be comforted by company and share the experience with someone close. Come back to earth as the boat decelerates, but you may be walking on air the rest of your vacation after this adventure.

Scuba Diving: As beautiful as the Grand Strand is above sea level, you should check out the underwater world that is hidden from view along the Carolina coast. But there’s only one way to experience it, and scuba diving involves some serious training before you are ready to take the big plunge. Coastal Scuba in North Myrtle Beach is the top scuba outfitter on the Strand and can have you trained and certified in only a few sessions. Featuring an on-site diving pool where you can learn the basics of scuba diving, Coastal Scuba also offers guided trips in the Atlantic Ocean once you have met the requirements and feel comfortable entering a natural environment. Offering trips to several dive sites, including old ship wrecks and artificial reefs, Coastal Scuba’s instructors can show you all the ropes and introduce you to a new world you have never seen before.

Guests at The Strand, Myrtle Beach can book their favorite watersports adventure within a short walk of the resort or with a quick phone call. After a full day on the high seas, come back to the resort to relax in the oceanfront pool and hot tub, or have a drink at The Strand Bar to talk about your exciting day on the water.


(Posted: 8/25/15)