Top 5 Ways to Spend Your Tax Return Money in Myrtle Beach

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We've all been there before, waiting by the mailbox in hopes of a special delivery from Uncle Sam. Normally a letter from the government is a bad thing, except when it contains a big, fat check for your tax return, and that time of year is here again.

If you are like many Americans, that check is spent before it arrives. Whether it’s catching up on bills or being earmarked for special projects, the tax return often goes directly into the front door of the bank and straight out the back door to creditors.

Although fiscally responsible, what kind of fun is that? You worked all year to build up that nest egg, and you ought to be the primary beneficiary. Rather than buy something tangible, why not do yourself a favor with a relaxing Myrtle Beach vacation?

Whether it's a short weekend getaway or a full week of fun in the sun, Myrtle Beach offers plenty of ways spend your tax return on memories that will last a lifetime. Put aside that project for another year and give yourself the gift of enjoying life.

Of course, it all starts by staying at Paradise Resort, where you can get oceanfront accommodations and first-class amenities. And because you are saving money by staying at an affordable resort, there's money left over for a fun activity you might otherwise never try. Here are five ways to spend your tax return on some Myrtle Beach memories:

* Deep-sea fishing: You may have dreamed about sailing out to sea as a child but that's not really a practical hobby these days. That's the perfect reason to go for it with a trip off the coast in a fishing boat. Outfitters like Capt. Dick's and Little River Fleet offer a wide range of angling tours, from freshwater fishing in the backwaters for those who get seasick to 90 miles offshore to the Gulf Stream where the whoppers await. Keep what you catch and feast on fresh seafood for many meals to come, further reason to “invest” your tax return in a Myrtle Beach vacation.

* Fine dining: Speaking of food, there's a long list of Myrtle Beach restaurants you might want to try for a special evening out – places you can't afford to dine every night, which is what makes it special. Upscale establishments like 21 Main, The Brentwood House, The Library, New York Prime and SeaBlue may come with a hefty check at the end of the meal, but the experience of dining like a king and receiving similar service is well worth the price. Treat yourself to a wonderful dinner and evening.

* Golf: You've always wanted to play golf in Myrtle Beach but family vacations make it hard to get away for a day on the links. Well, it's high time to take some me time and make that dream come true. By booking a golf package through, you can get great deals on accommodations and tee times. Play some of the top courses on the Grand Strand and stay in the comfort and convenience of Paradise Resort. Talk a few golf buddies into doing the same and enjoy a memorable guys or gals getaway.

* Parasailing: If you've ever wondered what it must feel like to be a seagull soaring in the ocean breeze, here's your chance to find out. Parasailing is a popular watersport where participants are harnessed to a parachute and pulled by boat high into the sky above the ocean. Normally this activity might fall outside your comfort zone, but that's all the more reason to try it.

* Shopping spree: What better place to go on a spending spree than Myrtle Beach, home to numerous malls, outlets and shopping centers. Take a stroll around the stores at Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach, Coastal Grand Mall, Market Common or one of two Tanger Outlets on the Grand Strand, and buy items you want as well as ones you need. If you want to share the wealth, you can get multiple Myrtle Beach T-shirts for only $10, along with a free hermit crab as a souvenir.


(Posted: 1/19/15)