Top 6 Myrtle Beach Seafood Buffets

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The Grand Strand is literally swimming in seafood. Take a few steps into the surf and you are standing in the same body of water as your dinner if you visit one of the many local seafood restaurants. And what better way to fill up than one of the many buffets?

Myrtle Beach has so many seafood smorgasbords to choose from that you could eat all you an eat every night of the week and still not scratch the surface. But since you have a limited amount of time (and a limit on how much seafood you can hold), here's our list of the top six seafood buffets. Why top six instead of top five? Because it's a buffet so you always get one extra helping:

Bennett's Calabash: There are three Bennett's locations on the Grand Strand so this local chain has a lot of fans. Specializing in seafood prepared Calabash-style, which means lightly battered and deep fried, Bennett's goes through so much fried shrimp and hushpuppies that they always keep a fresh supply. The buffet also features fish and other seafood that is broiled, grilled and steamed, as well as prime rib and roast beef sliced right before your eyes. Many guests pay the additional charge for crab legs and proceed to eat nothing but crab legs, but there are lots of tasty alternative to choose from.

Captain George's: This popular restaurant may look like an old clipper ship from the highway, but inside is spacious and beautifully decorated restaurant that serves some of the best seafood in town. Located across Highway 17 Bypass from Broadway at the Beach, Captain George's offers Maryland-style seafood, including crab cakes, peel-and-eat shrimp and steam pots. This buffet features seafood dishes like the Norfolk Special and Seafood Casserole, as well as a wide selection of meats, vegetables, salads and desserts. There's also a limited a la carte menu for folks who don't want to splurge.

Crabby Mike's: This Surfside Beach institution packs them in for its wide selection of buffet items. Offering more than 170 items, Crabby Mike's has all the seafood dishes you could wish for, as well as “land food” items like prime rib, lasagna and BBQ ribs and chicken. Crabby Mike's also goes all out for the little ones, providing a kids buffet filled with popular picks among the younger set, such as chicken nuggets, pizza and ice cream.

Giant Crab: It's hard to miss this seafood hot spot, even if you are driving down the busy Restaurant Row. For starters, there's a giant crab (hence the name) standing guard over the entrance, giving guests a great place to snap a selfie. Once inside, Crabby Mike's puts out a huge spread of seafood favorites, including a raw bar and steam table for those who like their seafood on the rare side. A carving station, bakery, kids table and dessert bar are among the many stations, and there's even a bar for the grown-ups.

Original Benjamin's: The “Original” portion of the title refers to Benjamin's place in fame as the seafood buffet that started it all in Myrtle Beach. Locals used to have to drive all the way to the Carolina border to Calabash, NC, to enjoy the unique, crispy taste of Calabash-style seafood, but this Restaurant Row outfit was the first to deliver it directly to the masses in Myrtle Beach. The perfectly fried shrimp, fish and hushpuppies are popular draws, but O.B.'s also puts out a diverse spread of 170 items.

Preston's: This North Myrtle Beach fixture is as famous for its country cooking as it is for its seafood. Perfect for families and parti4s with mixed taste buds, Preston’s can accommodate seafood lovers as well as landlubbers who prefer steak, chicken and veggies. It’s also a great place for surf-and-turf lovers, and the desserts are to die for.


(Posted: 7/27/15)