Top Five Places for Sushi in Myrtle Beach (and beyond)

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Sushi is firmly established as one of the hottest trends in the food and beverage industry. People of all ages and backgrounds are looking for the freshest and most unique twists to their favorite Japanese fare. Here are the top five places on the Grand Strand to enjoy sushi.

Boardwalk Billy’s
Boardwalk Billy’s is located in North Myrtle Beach, but we think the view is well worth the drive. It’s located facing a marina on the Intracoastal Waterway. Their large outdoor patio views boats and beautiful waterfront views and regular live entertainment. But enough about the atmosphere, back to the sushi: Inside the restaurant is a sushi bar with seating, and the restaurant also offers a full sushi menu throughout the restaurant. During happy hour, Boardwalk Billy’s discounts several of their rolls. The variety of wraps, fish and sauces will amaze you. Try a roll with soy paper wrap, you will be impressed!

21 Main
21 Main is located on the property of North Beach Plantation. This restaurant is upscale and a great choice if you’re looking for a nicer dinner destination. The sushi bar is beautiful and backed by a running waterfall over the restaurants logo. Sushi is served throughout the restaurant and is a very popular happy hour feature. The sushi chefs here appreciate presentation and everything will arrive in a beautiful display. The chefs will work with you to add your personal twist to any of their rolls. While you are there try the Spicy Tuna Salad. Reservations are recommended.

King Kong Sushi
King Kong Sushi has two locations, Broadway at the Beach and Carolina Forest. Both locations have the same menu. They have a very large assortment of specialty rolls, any possible combination you can imagine. We recommend the Tuna Mania, a spicy tuna roll with a fresh seared tuna slice on top. Not into sushi? They also offer a variety of Hibachi and non-seafood items.

Indo has Thai, Sushi and Hibachi. Indo has patio seating in addition to their restaurant. They offer a variety of sushi dishes and this is a very popular happy hour destination. Their sushi is high quality and all of their sauces are homemade. Their sushi is impressive but it’s hard not to try their Thai! Try the Volcano Roll- the baked scallop topping will not disappoint!

All of the above sushi restaurants are similarly priced, and most offer special pricing during happy hour. Don’t worry if not everyone in the family is a sushi lover, each of these restaurants also offers non-sushi menus. 

(posted 2/26/14)