Use Perspective to Have More Fun With Your Myrtle Beach Photos

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You’ve likely seen examples of how — especially when carefully planned out — perspective can be employed to have fun with family photos. For example, let’s say you’re visiting the City of Lights: Paris, France. By placing a person in the foreground of your image, then lining up an object — let’s say the Eiffel Tower, in this case — in the image’s background, you can make the photo’s human subject appear to be holding the iconic (and 1,000-foot-tall) landmark in the palm of his or her hand by carefully arranging said hand such that that it lines up exactly with the base of the tower.

While there are plenty of similar ways to play with perspective in your Myrtle Beach photos, we’ll discuss a pair of relatively easy-to-pull-off options here:

The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel — With this photo, we’ll give the appearance that you or one of your loved ones is carrying the iconic, 187-foot-tall Ferris wheel that dominates the downtown Myrtle Beach skyline — as if it were a miniature or toy version of the recognizable landmark.
You’ll want to find a spot on the Boardwalk or beach that’s a couple hundred yards away from the SkyWheel and where the entire perimeter of the Ferris wheel is fully visible and relatively unobstructed by trees or buildings. Have your photo subject reach his or her arms out to one side such that one palm lines up with the top of the wheel and the other lines up with the wheel’s bottom, giving the illusion that the SkyWheel is being carried.

The Giant Bucket — In this snapshot, we’ll create the illusion that your photo subject — or multiple subjects — is/are about to be trapped in darkness beneath a giant sand bucket. (The kids in your vacation crew are especially likely to have some fun staging this one.)
Simply borrow your child’s sand bucket, then send your photo subject(s) to stand about 20 yards away along the shoreline. Have your subject(s) put on a terrorized face while reaching skyward in a “No, don’t trap me!” pose, then snap a pic as you hold the bucket “over their heads” at arm’s length in the corner of the frame.

These fun images represent just a couple of the many photographic opportunities available on the picturesque Grand Strand. Book you stay at The Cottages at North Beach Plantation today — and be sure to bring your camera and your favorite photo subjects along when you visit. We’ll be looking forward to hosting a family vacation where you can make some lifelong memories worthy of the family photo album