Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Myrtle Beach

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What is it about dressing up in costume that’s so much fun? Is it the thrill of being someone (or something) different for a night? Is it the pageantry? Or is it just that great feeling of being like being a kid again?

Whatever it is, the Grand Strand is a Halloween-lover’s dream, with tons of great trick-or-treating options, parties and events at which to get your spooky thrills.

But first, you’ve got to find that perfect costume. Where to go? Here are some ideas.

Imaginations, Inc: Dancers in the Grand Strand know this as the spot to get dance gear such as leotards, shoes and tights — convenient if you’re dressing as a ballerina for Halloween. But Imaginations stocks a ton of non-dance costumes as well. Superheroes, period costumes, the ever-popular monster gear … you’ll find it all here. Props, wigs and makeup are well-stocked, and some costumes are available as rentals, which is nice if you don’t have the space to store it — or see no need for an adult-sized Bob the Builder costume after October 31. Imaginations is a local business, so we love to support it.

Spirit: No, not the airline, the huge chain costume superstore. This is one-stop shopping for those who don’t fear going all out — actually, it’s great for the little accessories too, say if you’re just sort of a cat-ears-and-yoga-pants sort of dresser-upper. Spirit carries brands (Sesame Street, Batman apparel, Disney, etc.) as well as popular TV show costumes (Daenerys Targaryan, anyone?). Go safe or risqué, and know that they’ve got quite a bit at your price point, whether it’s $20 or $200. They even carry a Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme costume for a whopping $829.99. You better win some contests if you’re shelling out for that. Outfit your kids, your spouse, even your dog, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, well, you’re pretty hardcore.

The Catwalk Boutique: This may be a smaller spot, but they can help you go absolutely bonkers with your Halloween look. Think big wigs, dramatic makeup, and super-funky accessories. It’s so small they don’t have a website, but if you drop by, expect to leave with ideas, advice and plenty of swag. This is a great option if you’re coming up with something totally original, and not, say, looking for a pre-packaged Katniss costume.

Brand Animations: OK, this is for those who want to win at Halloween — the aforementioned hardcore set. Have an idea for an all-out costume that isn’t carried at any of the big stores? Then have it custom made. Brand Animations is a Grand Strand-based specialty mascot design and creation company, outfitting businesses and teams with artfully constructed costumes and identities. Sound pretty extreme? Not for the truly legit. Of course, a beautifully constructed original design is going to cost you, but Halloween comes but once a year, right? For those devoted to truly over-the-top dressing, this is the spot for you.

Disney Store at Tanger Outlets: Try, if you must, to get your child to wear something new and different. But honestly, they’re just going to beg to be a “Frozen” princess, Doc McStuffins, or Jake of “The Neverland Pirates” fame. Relent now. It’s not worth the fight. Just hand Disney your money. They’ve taken so much of it already.

All joking aside, what about you? Where do you like to go in Myrtle Beach to get the perfect Halloween costume.


(Posted: 9/29/14)

(Photo Courtesy: vacationquestblog.com)