Why Is North Myrtle Beach Such a Popular Vacation Spot?

Year after year, North Myrtle Beach flexes its popularity muscles.


To the unseasoned traveler, the north is a direction. To those in the know, it means a different vibe and a unique character. In North Myrtle Beach, you’re in a setting you will likely never forget.


So, what makes this offshoot of Myrtle Beach such a draw?

1. It's Quieter and Less Commercial

In Myrtle Beach, you get the full rainbow of flash and neon. The lights are less showy north of town


WHAT WE MEAN: Make no mistake, visitors to North Myrtle know how to party. It’s a more subtle approach. Waterfront dining, drink specials, and long conversations with newfound friends. That’s the North Myrtle atmosphere.


RECOMMENDED: If ever a restaurant spoke to the atmosphere here, it’s Lulu’s. This lively spot serves robust burgers, seafood, cocktails, and more.

2. It Has Peaceful, Clean Beaches​

The goal here is to provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Mission accomplished.


WHAT WE MEAN: You won’t bask in the shine of SkyWheel’s light show or the booming bass of Ocean Boulevard cruisers. You will be transported to simpler times and hear the crash of waves and calls of seabirds instead.


RECOMMENDED: Ever watched an Atlantic Ocean sunrise? Set your clock for 20 minutes before dawn, and watch something breathtaking unfold.

3. Ideal Area for Relaxing or an Intimate Retreat

“Overcharge” and “overcrowded” don’t apply here. Whether you come solo, as a family, or as a couple, you’re in for a treat of a retreat.


WHAT WE MEAN: In North Myrtle Beach, time is relative. Things come to pass in an easy manner. Spend an afternoon in a kayak on the Intracoastal Waterway. Or, with a cold drink at Molly Darcy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.

peaceful beach and ocean

4. Similar Attractions to Myrtle Beach

A stay in North Myrtle Beach doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun. Up here, we still like to get out and about, on the golf course and otherwise.


WHAT WE MEAN: You can rent a pontoon boat — with a waterslide on it! — at Myrtle Beach Watersports. And bring your clubs: You can play 18 holes on the immaculate grounds of Tidewater Golf Club.


RECOMMENDATION: Take on a swashbuckling adventure at Black Pearl Mini Golf. It’s a fun spot with a game room, too, that you’ll return to year after year.

5. Stellar Properties Like North Beach Resort

If you’re bringing the family or your one and only, North Myrtle Beach has the right accommodations. For a convenient location and a wonderful place to stay, choose North Beach Resort.

North Beach Old Appleton Cottage Living Room

The pools and hot tubs are perfect ways to relax onsite, and you’re close to the beach for added fun. North Beach Resort also boasts convenient and delicious dining options on the property. You’re in for awesome sunrises, spacious rooms, and that famous North Myrtle attitude.


North Myrtle Beach has a wealth of restaurants for watching big games all season. And you can get an instant golf quote for a tee time when you stay here. It’s time you headed north to North Myrtle Beach for a getaway.

North Beach Balcony From 19th floor