Why Nobody Ever Regretted Planning Early for a Vacation

It’s not such a novel idea: Planning early for your vacation.


Many travelers have discovered the advantages. You’re thinking about your next Myrtle Beach escape, so why not put the framework in place? From cost to choice to activities, it’s a great idea to get a good start on your itinerary.

Why Plan Earlier for Your 2023 Vacation?

Want a memorable beach getaway? Start planning it now.

1. You’ll Find Better Pricing

Even the most elite accommodations — such as The Bridge at North Beach Resort and Villas — has an open date. But as coveted dates draw closer, more reservations pour in. This leads to a rise in demand and price on inventory.


TRY THIS: Be flexible on dates. Search for hotels within your price range, and check differences a week or two can make. Get the same room for less.

2. You’ll Get the Place and Room Type You Want

What’s the best-case scenario for your trip? Beachside or beach view? Booking with North Beach Resort affords you even more choices. You can find the ideal setup for a solo getaway, couples retreat, or family vacation.


TRY THIS: When you book your room, schedule a session at Cinza Spa onsite. This renowned facility offers a menu of services to add some tranquility to your trip.

Charleston Condo Livingroom

3. You’ll Be Able to Plan Your Activities

Plan something nice to wear. You’ll have a great choice of activities, shows, and attractions on your trip. And if you plan ahead, you can pick dates, too. Plan a day of retail therapy at Barefoot Landing. Take in a show at Alabama Theater. Now that you have your travel dates, it’s easy to pick your events.


TRY THIS: One of the area’s premier restaurants is 21 Main — and it’s at North Beach Resort. Treat yourself to steak and cocktails for a night out.

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Whatever Activities You Choose, Stay at North Beach Resort

Forge ahead with your early planning — and make North Beach Resort part of your fun. With easy access to the best of North Myrtle Beach and plenty of room to relax, you’ll have it all. Book your stay today.

North Beach Balcony From 19th floor