Wine and Design Offers Artistic Fun in Myrtle Beach

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For a glass of wine and an artistic good time, Myrtle Beach now has the perfect place to catch a creative buzz. Wine and Design, a growing national chain on the East Coast, is offering a first of its kind experience involving painting parties and art classes.

Located in the Ocean Forest neighborhood on the north end of Myrtle Beach, this art studio also doubles as a wine bar, forming the perfect place for a romantic date or to host a special occasion. Guests can bring their own wine or other beverages, along with some pallet-cleansing snacks, and unwind while you put your vision on canvas. Let the wine help bring out your creative side, or at least put down your guard long enough to give it a good effort. You never know what kind of artist is living inside.

Trained art instructors and party hosts offer guidance and support, but the goal is to let each guest express themselves in a way they might have never imagined or dreamed to try before. Whether you are an aspiring artist or you've never so much as picked up a brush, Wine and Design will help you harness your hidden artistic talents and tap into your own creative energy. It’s all about finding your true colors as an artist.

Of course, a little wine doesn't hurt. Bring your favorite vintage or, in keeping with the spirit of Wine and Design, try something different. Wine and Design not only provides the set up for your drinks, but also the brushes, paints, canvases, aprons and instruction. Let Wine and Dine take care of all the details while you just show up and prepare to paint your very own masterpiece.

Wine and Design's standard wine and painting parties feature two hours’ worth of fun art, good wine and great times with friends, family or loved ones. Wine and Design hosts birthday parties, family gatherings, team building exercises, girls night out, work and group functions and all kinds of special occasions. Parties as few as 10 people and as large as 30 people are permitted, but smaller parties can join in scheduled sessions with other guests for a fun and informal class. More advanced artists can take part in open-hour sessions that are not recommended for first-timers or social gatherings.

Classes are taught by local artists who lead the painting party and offer step by step instruction to those who need it, helpful tips and suggestions to ensure that all guests have a great time and take home their own original artwork they can be proud of. Group outings often feature themes selected by the guests so you can create a limited-edition collection owned only by a handful of friends. And you will all have a unique reminder of your Wine and Design experience to hang on your wall as a great conversation piece.

Don't let the name fool you. Wine and Design also offers children's programs so the younger set can come in and get creative, albeit over juice boxes instead of wine. Wine and Design even offers mobile parties if you prefer to host the event at your house or another venue. Wherever you choose, the goal is the same: to create a creative atmosphere where you can open your mind, have a good time and bring out your inner artist.

Wine and Design is located at 5900 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. For reservations or a list of available sessions, call 843-213-0346. Special holiday themed parties are available.


(Posted: 11/17/14)

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