WonderWorks Brings Science-Based Fun to Broadway at the Beach

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Myrtle Beach is filled with attractions that offer mindless fun. After all, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to slip down a waterslide or rocket down a roller coaster. But there is one attraction that offers some educational value to go with the good times – WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach.

Step One: Let’s keep that educational stuff on the down low. Nothing sets off a kid’s boredom alarm than the fear that an activity might involve learning something, and they will be having too much fun to realize it. Of course, many children are intrigued by the idea of a science-based attraction, and those are the ones who really enjoy WonderWorks. It’s also perfect for grown-ups who are kids and nerds at heart.

At first glance, WonderWorks might not look like a place of higher learning. The building stands upside down on its roof, the result of a scientific experiment that went horribly wrong but produced something so right. The three-story building, posing as a science laboratory, features more than 100 interactive stations where guests can get a hands-on lesson in the affects of scientific principles.

Experience weightlessness in space, withstand hurricane force winds, and defy gravity inside the walls of this high-tech attraction. Visitors can ride the 6D Extreme Motion Machine, lie down on a bed of mails, and take a spin on a 360-degree virtual roller coaster as they stroll through the halls and work their way to the top floor, which is really the basement. That’s where WonderWorks really takes things to the next level.

The history and future of space exploration are on display on the top floor and kids can experience the wonders of NAA missions before they were born. For children with active bodies as well as minds, WonderWorks offers a ropes course and a laser tag room where the little ones can burn off some energy for an additional fee. The ropes course features suspension bridges that allow kids to climb through obstacles and mazes while safely strapped into a body harness. The state-of-the-art laser tag room gives kids the chance to compete both individually and as a team member in a futuristic shootout of laser beams.

For more adventurous thrill-seekers, the side attraction Soar & Explore takes the brave for a zipline ride across Lake Broadway. Spanning 1,000 feet and carrying passengers about 40 feet above the water, Soar & Explore offers a wild ride and a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Broadway at the Beach complex. The “Explore” portion of the attractions includes an outdoor ropes obstacle course and rock-climbing wall.

Because WonderWorks’ many exhibits are based on science and nature, it’s a great attraction for parents as well as kids, and gives them an opportunity to share in the experience. There’s always something surprising and interesting around each corner, and a wide variety of interests are represented in the displays. More athletically inclined kids can put their skills to the test against the pros in a virtual sports game, musically oriented kids can play a song with their feet by jumping up and down on the keys of the Giant Piano, and more intellectually gifted children may prefer the challenge of a game of Mind Ball. No matter what piques your child’s imagination, it’s on display at WonderWorks.

Visitors can take a mental break from the museum and enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner at the on-site restaurant. Serving seafood, pizza and other kid’s favorites, the snack bar also has an outdoor patio deck offering adult beverages and a nice view of the lake. Don’t forget to check out the souvenir shop before you leave. WonderWorks is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For more information, visit www.wonderworksonline.com.


(Posted: 4/28/15)