Yuck it up at Myrtle Beach Comedy Clubs

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If laughter truly is the best medicine, think of Myrtle Beach is one big comedy pharmacy. In a 12-mile stretch from Restaurant Row down to the south side of Myrtle Beach, there are five comedy clubs where you can get your daily dose of Vitamin C (as in Comedy). Nothing makes for a great night on the town like a big belly-laugh, and there are plenty to be had on the Grand Strand. Here’s a quick preview:

Big Laughs Theatre: Located on the south end of town, the Big Laughs Theatre uses the growing comedy trend of hypnosis shows to create a captive audience (in more ways than one). Owned and operated by the husband/wife team of Rich and Elizabeth Wylde, the couple performs mild hypnosis to get volunteers from the audience to perform stunts they would never imagine doing in their normal states of mind. The crowd can laugh along while they watch their friends obey outlandish commands. Even the shyest member of your party loses all control on stage, acting like wild animals and other antics. Big Laugh’s offers four versions of hypnosis shows based on the age and taste of the audience, ranging from a “mild” family friendly show earlier in the evening to a “wild,” more risqué content later in the evening. Volunteer and be part of the show or sit on the sidelines and prepare to chuckle.

Carolina Comedy Club: This Broadway at the Beach comedy club is relatively new but it has already established a reputation for providing top-notch entertainment. Surrounded by bars in the Celebrity Square complex, Carolina Comedy Club is a great place to set the mood for a fun night at Broadway. The state-of-the-art venue has already seen big names like Pauly Shore, Ralphie May, the comedians of Chelsea Lately, Tommy Davidson and Gallagher take the stage. Shows run almost every night of the week during the summer months.

Carolina Improv: The only improv comedy show on the Grand Strand is at an unlikely but humor-rich location of the Myrtle Beach Mall. Hosting regular summer shows four nights a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays), this unique club attracts an eclectic mix of actors, comedians and everyday people who know that the funniest jokes are the unscripted ones. The popular shows, including the current favorite “Whose Beach is it Anyway?” tackles the hilarious situational themes of locals interacting with tourists. Audience participation is big part of the action so come prepared to get called up on stage. It’s improv, so you don’t have to worry about delivering the wrong line.

Crocodile Rocks: Although technically not a comedy club, this dueling pianos bar is home to one of the most hilarious shows you will ever see. Comedians/pianists play requests from the crowd and turn the tables on the audience to tickle funny bones as well as the ivory keys. Guests are invited up on stage to take part in skits and perform dance numbers. Buy the hosts a shot to try to stay on their good side, or get in on the act and become a target of their good-natured ribbing. Located at Broadway at the Beach’s Celebrity Square, Croc Rocks cranks out some great tunes and lots of laughter.

Comedy Cabana: This Restaurant Row location is the Granddaddy of local comedy clubs. In business for nearly 20 years, it has stood the test of time while others have come and gone. Comedy Cabana attracts some of the top touring acts in the country, with headliners like Lewis Black, Josh Blue and Jimmy “JJ” Walker among a long list of big names to appear over the years. The Comedy Cabana hosts two shows nightly with three to four comedians sharing the stage.


(Posted: 5/26/15)