These North Myrtle Beach Courses Lead the Way for Mini-Golf

The mark of an advanced civilization is plentiful mini-golf options.

If that’s the case, North Myrtle Beach has something big going for it. An area famous for championship golf also leads the world in the sport some call putt-putt. Your favorite getaway spot got even better.

Here are five exceptional courses to play in North Myrtle Beach.

Ranking the Best Mini-Golf Courses

Lost Treasure Golf

You’ll need more precision here than at many places, but it’s a welcome ask for this chain outpost.


Some laud this as the best course in town. The train that takes you to No. 1 is a hit. Players are likely to visit again, even if they have to drive from across town.


It’s part of a network of courses. There are locations in Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.


After you get your fill of mini-golf, get your fill at the buffet. Captain Jack’s Seafood Buffet nearby serves up seafood and steak.

family playing mini golf at Spy Glass Adventure Golf

Molten Mountain

Head to the huge live volcano in North Myrtle Beach for a superlative round or two of mini-golf.


The staff is great, and each course is designed well and equally fun. It’s kid-friendly, especially the Pineapple Course. (Villiage Course is tougher.)


There’s a 50-foot, two-story, indoor course — inside the volcano. Yeah. It erupts every 30 minutes.


If you’re not too adventured out, have dinner up the road at Local on the Water. Try the Smash Burger or Pasta Pomodoro. Delicious.

Mayday Golf

The biggest challenge in your process: Navigating the whimsical touches on this course.


Visitors had a wonderful time, citing a clean environment and friendly staff. Courses are challenging without being hokey; the “crash in the jungle theme” is unique.


According to legend, a plane headed for a golf getaway in the tropics had engine trouble. Captain Sparks landed the craft at the top of a rocky mountain, where it rests to this day.


For a two-fer, head next to Molten Mountain Mini-Golf Course. It’s 36 challenging holes and one ornery 50-foot active volcano.

Mt Atlanticus Mini Golf course

Hawaiian Rumble Mini Golf

This mini-golf course also serves adult beverages.


The course and greens get nice reviews. The Hawaiian theme is a hit, and you’ll learn native words at every hole. The course is easy and entertaining.


This place was the No. 1 mini-golf course in the world. It’s a year-round course with 18 holes and a 40-foot volcano centerpiece.


Still, looking for adventure? Take a ride high above North Myrtle with Myrtle Beach Biplanes And Helicopter Rides. You’ll make incredible memories! CALL (843) 427-7351.

The Black Pearl

It’s a family-owned operation with a pirate theme and game room.


Clean and friendly. The ice cream and arcade are nice, especially for summer rounds. Priced nice. Good selection of bulk candy and other goodies.


There are four attractions: Arcade, candy shop, Mermaid’s Dream Ice Cream, and mini-golf.   


Treat yourself to a southern meal at The Shack. Try the Shack Attack, two eggs any way with bacon and sausage, home fries, and two pancakes.

Mt Atlanticus Mini Golf course in myrtle beach
North Beach Old Appleton Cottage Living Room

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