What is the Safest Way to Travel to the Beach?

People everywhere are ready to go – to the mountains, to the beach, to anywhere they consider a great escape for a long-overdue vacation. Myrtle Beach is a prime destination for travelers who might have missed out on spring break trips and Mother’s Day getaways.

And with restrictions slowly lifting in many places, new guidelines and recommendations have emerged for getting out and about – without getting sick, or putting anyone else’s health at risk.

We’ll examine how to navigate safely and courteously in environments we’ve not found ourselves in for some time – crowds, confined spaces away from where we quarantined, and locations with high-touch items that could harbor germs.

What is the Safest Way to Travel During the Pandemic?

In easy terms, walking, biking, or riding in a car are safest during a pandemic. Biking in and around Myrtle Beach is a fun way to get some exercise and fresh air. There are plenty of paths for both cyclists and walkers in the area, and many of the city’s centers for attractions are walker-friendly.

Car travel to Myrtle Beach is safest if you travel with family or others you’ve already quarantined with. As always, consult the latest Center for Disease Control guidelines.

Tips for safe traveling during the pandemic

  1. TAKE THE ESSENTIALS | Pack masks, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes to disinfect items such as mobile phones. Don’t depend on these items being available where you travel.
  2. PLAN AHEAD | If you’re traveling state to state, look into travel advisories concerning toll collection, rest stops, and more. The Federal Highway Administration keeps these records.
  3. LIMIT YOUR STOPS | Wash or sanitize hands before and after stopping for food or gas. Bring food with you, and if you stop for a meal, choose a drive-thru or curbside option.

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Tips for choosing accommodations during a pandemic

Myrtle Beach destinations such as North Beach Resort & Villas have outlined a quality assurance policy regarding measures they’ll take for keeping guests safe.

  1. STRESS-FREE BOOKING | Stressed is no way to start a vacation! For a limited time, you can make reservations at North Beach Resort & Villas with no deposit required. Offer applies if your arrival date is longer than 30 days away, for new bookings, through June 15, 2020.
  2. RISK-FREE CANCELLATIONS | Plans change, especially right now. If you must cancel a reservation for as long as 30 days before arrival, the deposit is 100% refundable. Within 30 days, you can reallocate deposit funds for a future stay date before Dec. 31, 2021. There’s no charge for moving your reservation, subject to availability, and rate differences.
  3. EXPRESS CHECK-IN | Get in quickly and on your way to the beach! Check-in online or paper-free at the resort. It’s as easy as swiping your card to get your keys. You can fill out your registration card and pay the balance of your stay, touch-free.
  4. GUEST SAFETY-Check out our quality assurance guarantee for more information: https://www.northbeachrentals.com/quality-assurance-policy/


North Beach Resort & Villas adheres to Standard Housekeeping Cleaning Procedures. They emphasize high-touch items such as, but not limited to:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Remotes

Pools and Amenities

North Beach Resort & Villas has implemented enhanced social distancing guidelines with additional sanitation of chairs, loungers, and other items. This applies to pool areas and other high-touch locations on the property. Other measures include:

  • Chairs spaced 6 feet apart
  • Chairs and tables disinfected before and after each guest use
  • Pool chemicals, including chlorine as a disinfecting agent, will be maintained

Food and Beverage

North Beach Resort & Villas restaurants adhere to the same cleanliness standards as their hotels do. Bars and restaurants encourage the best social distancing practices, including tables spaced 6 feet apart. Items to be disinfected before and after each use include but are not limited to:

  • Bar counters
  • Menus
  • Tables

Guest Recommendations

North Beach Resort & Villas has hand-sanitizer stations in public areas, including elevator lobbies and guest floors. We recommend a safe distance between your traveling party and others. More details are available at North Beach Resort & Villas’s website.

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Tips for safety at the beach

Myrtle Beach is a blast – which is why so many people come year after year and can’t wait to get back. Here’s how to stay safe and enjoy yourself.

READ THE SIGNS | Beaches have safety rules posted. Look for them and follow along! Swim in areas that have lifeguards, and listen to what they tell you.

SAFE SWIMMING | Don’t drink and swim, and take a buddy. It’s not safe to float where you can’t swim. Watch children closely, and don’t swim or surf within 75 yards of piers where people are fishing. Fishing attracts potentially dangerous aquatic life, such as jellyfish and sharks. Also, don’t fight the current – signal for help if you can.

OTHER PRECAUTIONS | Don’t dive into the surf – there might be unseen objects that could cause injury. Leash your boogie board or surfboard. Check-in with the lifeguard about ocean water conditions. Avoid public bodies of weather if you have open wounds or cuts or a compromised immune system.

Enjoy Your Stay at Myrtle Beach

Most of all, Myrtle Beach is a place we all come to enjoy. By following these guidelines, it’s easy to have an awesome time on your getaway. Common courtesy and adherence to safety precautions present because of COVID-19 ensure everyone can do the same.

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